Activities for Gifts To Make

There is nothing like a hand-made gift to warm the heart! Here are some ideas and inspiration.

Concentric Hearts

Who wouldn’t love this beautiful creation to hang each year?

Stamped Valentines

There is something extra special about a Valentine's Day card that's been made by little hands (or bigger ones).

Portable Lego® Kit

This Portable LEGO Kit is fun to make and a treasure to own! From:

Crayon Ornaments

Here’s a great DIY craft from the Swell Designer!

Decorative Jars

Have a family craft night and make some lovely decorative jars for yourself and to share.

Foil Transparency Art

It is easy to make a brilliantly colored fall scene – or any scene - for you or someone you love!

Spooky Stencil T-Shirt

Use stencils to create a spooky autumn shirt perfect for visiting the pumpkin patch!

Holiday Stencil Art

This simple project can be used to make beautiful holiday cards or a masterpiece worthy of hanging on the refrigerator.

Personalized Mug

Turn a plain white mug into a piece of art!

Paperclip Bookmark

Select the perfect ribbon colors to make this simple bookmark and never lose your place again!

Tie Dye Shoes

This simple project is fun to create alongside your tween or teen grandchildren, or to make as a gift for your grandkids.

Photo Bookmark

What reader wouldn't love this elegant yet simple bookmark suggested by Martha Stuart?

Footprint Butterfly

Capture a child’s growth, and make a cute craft that will flutter into your heart!

Flower Pot Pen

Here’s a pretty way to always have a pen handy, and to remember you are loved, too!

Colorful Pencil Holder

Store your pens and pencils in style!

Puzzle Surprise

Want a fun way to surprise someone you love?

Mail a Journal

Make it especially fun to get the mail! 

Melted Crayon Art

Crayons aren’t just for coloring! Learn how to make a simple colorful craft that children (and grandparents!) will love.

Send a Hug

Send a cute keepsake and give a “hug” to a loved one far away!