Color Book

Making a book of colors is not only fun but it hits on numerous educational points with your young children or grandchildren.     

Guest contributor Lynette and her daughter created an entire color spectrum book with her grandchildren, but you could easily simplify things by taking one color only and going on a ‘hunt’.


  • old magazines
  • scissors
  • glue
  • plain paper
  • a box of crayons

IMG_3276            IMG_3281

Use the appropriate color of crayon to write that color’s name on the white paper and then begin leafing patiently through magazines looking for objects or words in that color.  Your child will get a little sight word and color recognition practice, a great fine motor workout when using scissors to cut out the specific colors, sorting and organizing time when arranging the selected pieces on the white paper, and finally, a chance to work with either a glue stick or squeeze glue bottles.



FullSizeRenderMy granddaughter couldn’t wait to ‘read’ their book to her daddy when he gets home from work.

A great book to accompany this project is ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’


Submitted by:  Lynette – St. Charles, IL

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