Cherishing Grand Relationships

Posted on: January 11, 2016

Grandson and Bride Surprise Grandmother

Peg McCormack was devastated when she learned she could not attend her grandson’s wedding. But she still celebrated in spirit by wearing her new dress while she lie in bed, and even put on her wrist corsage. Take a look at what happened when bride and groom surprised her by visiting her on their wedding day. Their photographer, Rachel Nolan of Hello Gorgeous Photography , captured the moment, and had these words of wisdom for us all.

“There is no bigger honour as a photographer than to matter, to capture and freeze a moment for someone that they will treasure forever and I’m thankful that we were there to do that for Brian and Lauren,” she wrote.

“Please, please remember to slow down in life, appreciate those around you and take the time to make memories of the things that matter.”

Take time to find what is most important to those you love, especially your elders. The impact could be profound.

See the pictures and read the whole story here.

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