Cherishing Grand Relationships

Our Story

Family PhotoMy mom is on the left, my wonderful mother in law on the right, me and my two lucky kids in between.

Looking back, I realize Wisdom & Innocence has been a dream that has developed over many years.

While in high school, I worked with a girl who would become a life-long friend. She had a passion for working with seniors and she taught me that real love is a couple that has been married for 50 or 60 years.  She taught me how much you can learn by just talking to someone that has been on this earth a while – and, most importantly, that our society does not honor our elders as much as we should.

My passion, on the other hand, was working with children. I loved their curiosity and eagerness to learn, their creativity and their limitless imagination. I loved seeing the world through their eyes.

Later in our lives we brainstormed an idea of combining our passions and publishing a calendar with beautiful pictures of young and old together and naming it Wisdom & Innocence – but nothing ever came of it.

More years passed. On a sunny day in April, 2010 my mom went to the hospital with abdominal pains. The doctors found advanced stage cancer. Twenty five days later, she was gone.

Mom was such a wonderful grandmother. She had a very special relationship with each of her grand-kids. She taught me that children are special, and seniors are too, but the real magic happens in the bond that they form. After she died, I decided I needed to do something meaningful. I had to take this idea of Wisdom & Innocence and make it a reality – and dedicate it to her.

Wisdom & Innocence began as a business in 2011 with a simple website to gather feedback. We started inviting customers to our new website in June 2014.

Our Mission is to inspire others to:
Honor and appreciate the value of age
Celebrate the joy and magic of childhood
And deepen the special relationship between them

Mom, I hope you are proud.