Cherishing Grand Relationships

Wonderful Charities

At Wisdom & Innocence we are not just for profit. We are committed to our mission of inspiring people to:

  • Honor and appreciate our elders
  • Celebrate the joy and magic of childhood
  • And deepen the special relationship between them

Below are a number of charities and organizations that support this mission.

Looking for resources for yourself or a loved one? Seeking a place to volunteer and make a real difference? Longing for a worthwhile place to donate to? We hope you will find this list valuable.

Do you know of a charity or organization that belongs on this list? Please send us the information at and we will spread the word.

Name of Charity: AARP Experience Corps

What they do: Trains volunteers age 50 and older to help struggling Kindergarten through 3rd grade students improve their reading in 20 cities across the country.

Why we love them: Volunteers are assigned specific students to tutor, which helps to grow a lasting relationship. Both the volunteers and the students benefit; children have shown significant improvement in reading ability, and after a year of tutoring, a majority of volunteers reported increased strength and energy, no matter the state of their health at the start. In addition, the teachers report that the impact of the tutor in the classroom is significant.

It seems like a win-win-win to us!

Want to learn more: Click here for more information about the program.

Click here to learn how to volunteer.

Name of Charity: Humanitarian Service Project

What they do: They bring needed services and supplies to under resourced seniors and children living in DuPage and Kane Counties in Illinois. They provide food and assistance to seniors, Christmas and birthday presents to children, and their Feed the Kids program provides food for families during summer break when children don’t receive subsidized school lunches.

Why we love them: Sometimes it’s the small, local charities that make a difference for an area. No high paid administrators or expensive marketing or fundraising, just a core of dedicated volunteers brightening the days and improving the lives of under resourced seniors and children.

Want to learn more: Check out their website:

Name of Charity: LiLY – Lifeforce in Later Years

What they do: LiLY initiated a New York City neighborhood program to connect resources and volunteers with elderly members of the community who want to age in their own homes but need help. They also established Love an Elder Day in New York.

Why we love them: This organization has created successful programs that make a difference in the lives of thousands in NYC, but it doesn’t stop there. For example, they provide step by step guidelines and support to guide in the creation of a similar eldercare village in your community.

A great story that illustrates the benefits to the elder and to the volunteer:

We at LiLY are help­ing our elders to find the ser­vices they need, the friends that they had wished for, and the chance to con­tinue with mean­ing­ful pur­suits. This is true for Velma, for exam­ple, who can no longer clean her apart­ment. She greatly enjoyed teach­ing Eng­lish as a pro­fes­sional in days gone by, and now, in exchange for apart­ment clean­ing, she has a close rela­tion­ship with a LiLY vol­un­teer, recently migrated to the U.S. from the Ivory Coast, who is for­ever thank­ful for his 2+ hours a week of lan­guage study with his now good friend of two years, Velma. – Exert from blog posting 1/8/14

Learn More: Check out their website:

To get guidelines to create an eldercare village in your area: